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Project Management



In the capacity of a Project Manager, Access Property Management (APM) will manage, coordinate and supervise residential rehabilitation making sure that the project gets done on time and within budget.  We will work as an Agent of the real property owner and dialogue with vendors to ensure project implementation from beginning to end.


Access Property Management would plan, direct, and coordinate capital improvement projects such as the installation of new HVAC, roof or the placement of concrete to a detailed and extensive restoration project.  Access Property Management may oversee the entire project or just part of a project.  Included would be obtaining necessary permits and licenses and, depending upon the contractual arrangements, direct or monitor compliance with building and safety codes and other regulations.


Regardless of scope, we will oversee the selection of general contractors and trade contractors to complete specific pieces of the project, which could include new electrical and re-plumbing to painting and carpet installation.  We will determine the labor requirements and, in some cases, supervise or monitor the hiring and dismissal of vendors.  APM will oversee the performance of all vendors to ensure that all work is completed on schedule and according to workmanlike standards acceptable to Access Property Management.




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