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Our Management Benefits YOU!




"Having owned rental properties in four different states, Iíve worked with quite a number of different property managers, including a few in Modesto.  I can truthfully say that Access is right at the top of that list.  Living in Hawaii, I canít visit nearly as often as Iíd like and have to be able to rely on the honesty and integrity of the people that manage my properties."

                                         - Elaine Swisher 




Professional property management requires diligence and accountability to both owner and tenant. Access Property Management professional services will maximize the relationship between owner and tenant which results in increased return on real property investment!!


Increased Return on Investment

It's our directive to get the most rent for each of our managed properties. We accomplish this through cooperative property planning with each property owner to present a quality rental property to the open market. Since we are a fee based firm we're not eager to give away rent. However, we know that each week of outstanding vacancy lowers your returns. Therefore, we will always price our rentals to react positively with the open rental market.


Reduced Vacancy Factor

Through our comprehensive applicant qualification process, Access Property Management can select a tenant who will have a longer tenancy period. This can also be aided by lease terms. Our attention to these details results in lower turnover of tenancy which equates to a lower vacancy factor and ultimately maximizes your return on investment.


Reduced Tenant Damage

Through our comprehensive applicant qualification process and requiring reasonable tenant property security deposit, the probability of damage to your property is significantly reduced. However, should damages occur, the security deposit is usually sufficient to cover the damage.


Reduced Repair Costs

Access Property Management encourages each owner to engage in preventative maintenance programs which will reduce the likelihood of costly emergency repairs for operating systems. We have semi-annual inspections as well as comprehensive Rental Assessments performed by qualified inspection professionals!


Reduced Expenses

Because of purchasing power in managing a great many units, Access Property Management can obtain services and supplies at significant discounts from the prices offered to an individual owner. In addition, Access Property Management is less likely to be taken advantage of by a vendor or service provider because of our marketplace presence.


Management Planning

Access Property Management will plan ahead of changes in tenant mix, changes in uses, changes in lease terms, etc. based on the goals of the owner. We can also set up property budget and assist in planning for long term replace of depreciated building systems such as, but not limited to, HVAC, roof, paint, appliances, and other items.


Prolonged Economic Life

Real property goes through a period of development and lease up. It then goes through what can be a lengthy period of maturity, and finally, it enters a period of decline usually resulting in abandonment or demolition. Access Property Management through management planning and the implementation of preventative maintenance will serve to maximize the economic life of all managed real property relative to local economic forces.



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